Kilden Performing Arts Centre

Kilden Performing Arts Centre is a theater and concert hall on Odderøya in Kristiansand, Norway.

It houses Kilden Teater, Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra and Opera Sør in a joint project never previously embarked upon. There is room for a variety of concerts and other forms of cultural expression.

Link to Kildens webpage here.

Dyreparken Zoo and Amusement Park

Dyreparken zoo and amusement park is Norway`s most frequently visited attraction covering an area of 150 acres of wild Nordic terrain.

It is totally different from other European zoos, which are characterised by bars and heavy padlocks. In Dyreparken, the animals have wide open spaces in which to roam – however, the visitors are still able to get up close to observe some of the most beautiful animals – like the red panda, which is threatened by extinction.

The park is 11 km (6 mi) east of town. Dyreparken is a complete park, consisting of an entertainment park; a theme park; and a zoo. The zoo contains an enclosure for Scandinavian animals such as wolves and moose, a large breeding ground for Bactrian camels, and exotic animals such as alligators, orangutans, Siberian tigers and a variety of apes and monkeys. The Africa exhibition allows you to move along a bridge observing native savanna animals such as giraffe and zebras.

In an open air area you will find some of the smaller monkeys run wild amongst the trees and swing on the ropes while you can move amongst them! Inside the rain forest, in the humid atmosphere, dark and scary passages lead the way to crocodiles, alligators and many other reptiles – You will find more than 138 different species living in as much freedom as possible in a natural environment.

Link to Dyreparkens webpage here.

Ravndalen Park

Ravnedalen is a park in Kristiansand, with a beautiful lake and gardens, a café and concerts during summertime.

The park is located in the borough of Grim, north of the centre of the city of Kristiansand, just to the northeast of the Baneheia recreation area. The park was constructed from 1874–1878 by military soldiers under the command of Colonel, later Major General, Joseph Frantz Oscar Wergeland

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SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum

Sørlandets Kunstmuseum is a regional museum of contemporary and historical art in Kristiansand.

We show exhibitions on a local, national and international level as well as offering activities and workshops for our visitors.

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