Welcome to Agder Contemporary Art Centre

Agder Contemporary Art Centre (AKS) is a center for visual arts. We have Agder counties as our primary scope, and we have our office and showroom in Kristiansand. Agder Contemporary Art Centre has 34 years of experience working in the artistic field.

We have expertise in scholarships for artists, public decoration assignments, a guest artist program and we rent out artworks to private and public offices. On behalf of the Kristiansand Municipality we operate and offer workspaces for artists and a project space for large art productions. Since the beginning we have kept an archive of all professional artists in the region and we ar eworking with sales of art on commision. In our gallery we display self produced exhibitions, project exhibition and traveling exhibitions. The venue is also used for variuos cultural events, seminars, workshops and artist talks. Agder Contemporary Art Centre currently has 3 employees at 1.6 FTEs. In addition we hire a gallery guard and exhibition technician when needed. About 250 professional artists are associated with the Agder Contemporary Art Centre.