The apartment is situated in the city center, next door to Agder Center of Contemporary Art and Cultiva Foundation building. You are just a short walking distance away from the sea, recreational areas and the city’s main attractions.

The Apartment has lots of  natural light, is spacious with wooden floors in every room apart from the bathroom. Each resident is provided with a bedroom and a shared larger studio space (inside the apartment). The studio is allowed to be used as a creative, research space throughout the residency. All rooms are simply furnished  and have wireless internet access. Aside from two bedrooms and a studio, there is a kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Usully the residency is shared between two guest artists. Please submit individual applications, but feel free to note in your introduction that you are interested in traveling with a companion (and please let us know their name). Creative couples/spouses will most likely receive double beds when possible. We will help facilitate all schedules including arrivals and departures.

Specific information

  • Kitchen and laundry facilities are available.
  • It is the artist’s responsibility to do the cleaning during their stay.
  • Private room – there are 2 bedrooms that fit a single bed in one room and two beds in the second room.
  • Shared studio space.
  • One shared bathroom (It is the artist’s responsibility to provide their own toiletries.)
  • Free access to wireless internet.
  • Shared living room space.

Expenses paid by the artist

  • Travel
  • Food
  • Supplies

Our main goal

The main goals of the residency are networking and new artistic production. More specifically, the residency aims to create a place where artists have the freedom to experiment and work through artistic challenges free from the obligations and expectations of their usual daily environment. The program is open to individuals interested in pursuing artistic research related to their work.

During their stay, artists are introduced to the region’s art scene as well as other artists and practitioners for potential partnerships.

The residency accepts applications from international and national artists, as well as regional artists who need a temporary, alternative project space. There are no specific expectations for the residents, except that the artist must live and work on site during the period. Every visitor is encouraged to facilitate a presentation of the work they have completed during their stay, either as an exhibition or an open atelier.

It is the aim of AiR Kristiansand to offer a meeting point between visiting residents and the Agder art community. Artists in residence are invited to exhibition openings, lectures, seminars and other cultural events, creating space for dialogue and shared experiences.

With the exception of the months of July and december, the residency is occupied year-round.

You are mostly welcome to apply for a residency in the beautiful south of Norway!