Artists in Residence – Kristiansand

One to three months residency in a rent-free accommodation and additional studio in a newly redecorated apartment in the city center of Kristiansand. Kristiansand has a strong and active art scene with a lot of contemporary exhibitions going on, located on the southern “sunny” coast of Norway.

The Cultural Rucksack program (DKS) is a program where artists convey their work to schoolchildren. Agder Art Centre selects one artist in residence a year to execute a project. The workshop is usually held within one week, with approximately two classes per day. The compensation is 20.000 NOK (2115 EUR). Approx one quarter of the total should be estimated to cover the use of material during the workshop. Preferably open for fine artists and artisans. You will need to submit a project description in addition to your artist in residence application.

The following criterias will be of importance:

  • Applicants who are part of international networks, larger projects or programs.
  • Participation in projects linked to artists, groups and/or institutions in Kristiansand.
  • Applicants who are planning to take part in the art environment in the city with exhibitions, professional arrangements etc.


  • The artist must cover all other expenses such as living costs, travel, materials, insurance and transport.
  • Both international and Norwegian artists are welcome to apply.
  • This is a two bedroom apartment. Agder Contemporary Art Center needs to make use of the smallest bedroom if the guest artist aren’t in use of it.
  • Use this application form:

Residency Programme since: 2006

Description of Organisation: The City of Kristiansand offers a residency to professional artists, who wish to live and work in Kristiansand for a period of time. The aim is to strengthen, promote and develop collaboration and network between contemporary artists in Kristiansand and other national and foreign artists and to enrich the cultural scene of our town. Agder Art Centre administrates the Artist in Residency in Kristiansand, Norway, on behalf of the commune.

Organisation founded in:1980

What type of organisation are you?:

  • Part of an Institution

Working Languages:

  • English
  • Polish

Presentation of artists’ work: Arranged on a case-by-case basis

More information about TCR:

The Cultural Rucksack (TCR) is a national program for art and culture provided by professional artists in Norwegian schools. TCR and the AiR program in Kristiansand have signed an agreement of cooperation. The agreement implies that the Cultural Rucksack is open for applications from professional artists and groups who are interested in carrying out art projects within the schools of Kristiansand during their residency.

The applications must include a proposal and a budget.
The project is to be planned within these terms:

  • Productions to be held at our 360 m2 project space.
  • 2 sessions a day – 5 days in total.
  • Approximately 25-30 students per session
  • Total number of students: 200.
  • Grade: 8th (13-14 year old students) and/or 9th grade students (14-15 year old students)
  • Any lecturing should be held in English.

The project proposal is given a budget of NOK 20.000,- (approx EUR 2115,-). This amount shall include fee, materials and anything else required, equipment etc. The Committee will grant ONE project proposal from one artist or artist group for this period.

Map / Address

Street & Number: Skippergata 22
Postal Code: 4663
City: Kristiansand

How to get there