Artist in Residence

Manuel Portioli at Artist in Residence, Kristiansand.

«I like the sort of art that is real, genuine, and capable of resonating with its viewers and even more importantly with its maker. I like that sort of art where the technic is functional to the represented subject. I like art that is conscious of its own history, but that has a strong foothold in the present. I like art that is thought-provoking, stunning, and drenched in emotions…Showing emotion is a gorgeous political statement, I think. These are some of my ideals. My art does not necessarily reflect them, but it is inspired by them, and tries to move towards them.»

Born in Reggio Elilia, Italy, Portioli is a now based in Bergen, Norway. Graduated with MFA at KHIB, Kunst- og Designhøgskolen i Bergen in 2014. More information av